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“Franco is the highest end clothing designer I have ever had the experience to work with and I have found his clothing line to be wonderfully stylish, comfortable, and extremely presentable.”

– Dr Edward J Zuckerberg

“For 27 years, I’ve designed personalized garments for thousands of men from all walks of life. My clients are top level business executives, lawyers, doctors, and professional athletes and artists. And you.

“I invite you to come experience my new store in downtown Los Gatos. Our garments fitting process is a unique blend of classic bespoke tailoring with a bold, modern look. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, this is a personal and exciting shopping experience you do not want to pass up!

So much love and energy goes into each garment, that you, as my client, will truly feel like royalty when you put them on. You will get so many compliments, and you will feel amazing about yourself! This is the indescribable, and often talked about, Franco Touch.”

I hope to see you soon. Beautiful days are coming,

- Franco

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